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Central Vacuum Systems With Retractable Hoses

Turn Vacuuming From a Chore Into a Quick and Easy Cleanup


  • Do like a clean house but hate vacuuming?
  • Tired of lugging a heavy upright or canister vacuum cleaner around from room-to-room and up/down the stairs?
  • Frustrated by how often you have to stop and dump the canister or change the bag?
  • Wish your vacuum cleaner didn’t make such a racket?

Whether it’s a quick cleanup or full-on spring cleaning, you’ll stop thinking of vacuuming as an unpleasant chore when you start using our central vacuum system. Simply pull the closest retractable hose from its hiding place behind the wall, get the job done quickly and quietly, and watch the hose quietly disappear back behind the wall again.

Our central vacuum systems are the perfect upgrade for your home and your life.

central vacuum mvacHow Central Vacuum Systems Work

You know how a traditional vacuum works: You drag it up and down stairs and through the entire house, banging into walls and corners. All that dirt, dust and other unpleasantness is sucked up and stored in a bag that needs cleaning as often as your home does. Even an older central vac system still requires you to drag the hose around the house and plug it in.

With our modern central vacuum systems, you have:

  • an entire integrated duct system
  • vacuum inlets all around the house
  • retractable hoses throughout the house hidden away in convenient locations
  • a large, central cleaner unit tucked quietly away in the garage or basement

Your vacuum is connected to the duct system with a hose, and everything that’s swept up in its path is sent to this central cleaner.

The result is an easier, faster way to clean up. There’s a lot less bulk to carry around the house and no more emptying the bag every time you need to clean. And with higher power, more durability and a quiet motor, you’re getting an advanced, all-in-one method of putting dirt and dust to rest.


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Full Service & Installation of Central Vacuum Systems

retractable hose central vacInfinity Systems Canada has been an Mvac dealer since 2009, and offers service and installation for homeowners looking to upgrade. We can also help you upgrade to retractable hosing and install any extra peripherals. We offer extended warranties on all products and are happy to answer any questions you may have about how your system works.

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